WatchOut! Wallet 8.3.4 release (30 May 2020)

Added support for:

-Marq Adventurer
-Marq Commander

Easy access to App

2 years 10 months ago #236 by steve
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2 years 10 months ago #230 by animesh143
I got introduced to WatchOut 4 days back and have been using it since for Starbucks mainly and tried a couple of times for Flight Boarding. Overall, I love the concept and the watch app.
It's amazing!!!!!

I had a few things which I would like to see as improvement though.
1. On my vivoactive 3, once I get into the app, and then move away to check the time, there is no easy way to get back into the app. Most of the applications, like strength training and running have this feature where you swipe left to go to main screen and scrolling effects and then Scroll Right to go back to the strength training screen. Is it possible to implement that for WatchOut? So that if I move out of the app, i don't have to again open it and then navigate through all my cards.
2. For adding Boarding Passes, I was having trouble adding the pass since only 120 characters are mandatory and after that it's not needed. I would like to see Add Card feature to trim the text after 120 characters (for boarding passes) and notify the user that the text was too long and it took only 120 characters. For me, counting 120 characters and removing rest on mobile is quite difficult.

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