WatchOut! Wallet 8.0.0 release (15 Sep 2019)

Added support for:
Fenix 6 series
Vivoactive 4
Vivoactive 4s
Compiled with latest ConnectIQ 3.1.3

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Re: Reorder cards
by tahitiandreams
2 months 2 weeks ago

Problems and Bugs (38 topics)

Did you find a bug? Your barcode failed at checkout? Your barcode doesn't fit the watch screen? Share your problems with us!

To be able to better help you please report:
-Watch firmware
-Garmin Connect version
-Smartphone model and Operating System

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Re: Synchronisations problem
by guilobe
6 days 6 hours ago
Would you like to see WatchOut! speaking your language?
Please download both the following files that cointain all the strings used by the app:

Translate just the phase inside each node.
For instance, the line <string id="AboutMsg">WatchOut!\nSoftware Version</string> translate just the line WatchOut!\nSoftware Version.

Pay attention and keep the symbol \n which marks a carriage return.
To avoid off screen lines, the final phase length shall be almost the same of the original.

Done? Post the 2 files under the correct language folder.

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Re: French files
by steve
2 years 10 months ago
Are you a PHP developer or Joomla expert willing to customize the Web Site?
This is the place for you, we need help!

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Re: API?
by stefano.leone
2 years 6 months ago
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